Cloud music integration for your desktop !

MellowPlayer is a free, open source and cross-platform desktop application.

Supported services

The following web-based music streaming services are supported by MellowPlayer.




System tray integration

Hot keys

Mpris2 support


Listening history


MellowPlayer is avaible cross-platform, click on your favorite platform and follow the installation steps.


Kaos logo


MellowPlayer is available from KaOSx/apps repository, just run:

$ sudo pacman -S mellowplayer copy
ArchLinux logo


MellowPlayer is available from the AUR, install it with your favorite AUR helper.

E.g. with yaourt:

$ yaourt -S mellowplayer copy
Ubuntu logo


Not supported until qt 5.6 is available in the official ubuntu repositories.

Other distributions

You will have to compile from source. Grab the latest source release from github, extract the archive and run the following commands:

$ qmake-qt5 copy
$ make copy
$ sudo make install copy

Before compiling MellowPlayer 2, you will need to install Qt (>= 5.6) and Snorenotify( >= 0.7).


MellowPlayer is an open-source application that needs your help to go on growing and improving !

There are many ways to contribute to the project, even if you're not a developer. You can report (and fix) bugs, add new translations, add support for new streaming services (the core team won't support all services, especially those which are not free), and so on...

If you feel like you want to contribute to the project :

Checkout the contributing guidelines Checkout the documentation